CETL organises faculty Adda

On March 21st, 2019 CETL organized its first informal faculty gathering called “faculty adda”. The faculty Adda aimed to work as the platform for the academics to share their teaching-learning experiences and to gain relevant and useful insights. Faculties in this adda had the opportunity to talk about their day to day expectations, challenges and realities in a very informal way. Such a gathering is believed helped the academics to better understand the nature of the challenges they experience along with gaining insights into different areas of knowledge and strategies relevant to neutralize them. Such an adda also offered some potential avenues among the academics to collaborate among themselves regarding various future initiatives such as peer mentoring and research.

Faculty adda, worked as a platform for the center to get a better understanding of the faculties and different areas of their professional development needs. In other words, the faculty adda was useful for the center to better conceptualize academics’ assessment and evaluation regarding their contexts- the way the faculties experience them. It is believed that such a conceptualization is essential to organize effective future professional development strategies as in this way the professional development needs are not assumed rather contextualized. Keeping this goal CETL aims to organize this adda regularly so that such an avenue for continuous reflection and learning remains open both for the faculties and the center itself.

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