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Backward Design Processing for quality teaching & Assessment

To learn how to structure teaching process more effective through backward design processing where learning objectives are kept upfront to structure the entire teaching-learning process.


In this workshop the facilitator will explain the implication/importance of backward design processing and show how to practically do this and then may allow faculties to practice this process in the workshop. This workshop either could be organized separately or could make inbuilt to the Assessment Rubric workshop.




29th July


Assessment/ use of Rubric (Workshop series)

To learn the basic aspects of assessments such as formative and summative tests but more importantly will learn how to use rubric to standardize grading. The workshop would also aim to enlighten faculties the importance of quality assessment for ensuring quality learning. This discussion then explore why Rubric is essential for grading, how to develop it and use it.


This can be a department/school wise workshop. In this workshop different departments are expected to engage in the discussion and show their own rubric and explain how they use it/ what’s the concern and most importantly how to make sure of its proper usage to ensure fair grading.




29th July 2021


5th August 2021


2nd September

Sustainability in Curriculum

To learn the sustainability arguments that are relevant for the curriculum designing. This discussion is useful to integrate sustainability components and activities into the curriculum and also to help organize ranking process.


A comprehensive discussion series could be planned. Facilitator could talk what is the sustainability argument that needs to be incorporated and their necessities. Further this discussion also can include the Do’s and Don’ts of incorporating SDG goals int the curriculum designing process.



31st July 2021


Late September

LMS Training (Moodle)

online teaching and learning especially during the pandemic significantly is relying on LMS and hence the need of a fresh training is paramount.


A series of Workshop could be organized to discuss various aspects of Moodle which is destined to be the officials LMS of ULAB from next semester.

Internal workshop


First of October

Experience sharing on the challenges and prospects of online teaching

To identify some of the key challenges where online teaching could be improved. Such identification could be then used to plan some workshop to develop faculties.


This experience sharing discussion could be useful to gather different online teaching learning related issues. While faculties discuss these issues, they also can share their practices to solve them. In such a sharing some faculties might feel other colleague’s practice is more useful and adopt that or together can discuss how to solve them.


Internal resource person/Tareque


 Mid October

Question Moderation and how to conduct effective evaluation of students

To learn how to moderate questions and what aspects are to be corrected while doing the moderation. This is essential to standardize the difficulty level of the assessment tools.


In this process we can see practices that different departments have and know their impacts.

Internal resources


Mid November



Need analysis




With GED



To thoroughly do an analysis of the quality issues and their perspectives for solutions.

This discussion can/may include various aspects that are relevant to quality issue such as:


  • Teaching quality
  • Assessment capacity and understanding of what makes quality assessment
  • Students engagement
  • Branding
  • Ownership building
  • Teachers satisfaction
  • Inhouse training and faculty development
  • Ensure quality research/incentives for publication
  • Peer pressure/Miss use of power
  • Administrative pressure
  • Lab/thesis involvement
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Communication channel/whom to ask or show grievances.
  • Roles of different department like HR
  • Incentives for other activities
  • Exam routine and invigilation
  • Deadline and policies for script checking
  • Transition from online to offline.


PVC and CETL director along with respective HoDs




Mid December 2021



With BUS




Mid-January 2022


With MSJ




Mid-February 2022