• Mission statement

    The main goal of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is to create a professional environment at ULAB that complies with the UGC directives on Quality Assurance. CETL will be responsible for developing and maintaining a Professional Development Program (PDP) for faculty and staff. The Center will also forge links with teaching and learning centers with international repute with a view to establishing exchange programs and research partnership. CETL’s objective is to enhance quality through establishing and maintaining excellence in all of our activities: teaching, learning, and research.

  • Strategic Goals

    CETL’s strategic goals are designed to:

    • Promote excellence in teaching and learning throughout ULAB
    • Explore innovative and cutting edge approaches to teaching and learning
    • Implement active, collaborative and engaging teaching strategies and learning techniques with necessary tools 
    • Integrate technology in the classroom to enhance the quality of teaching and learning
    • Create a platform where faculty can exchange information regarding best practices in teaching and learning
    • Engage in scholarly activities to contribute to the field of teaching, learning and research 


Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Members