Workshop & Training

The Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning currently has a number of ongoing programs and services for its faculty and students. These services include holding induction programs, workshops and seminars for its existing faculty. We currently offer no services for our non-teaching support staff, but the goal is to develop a continuous learning environment for all.


CETL undertakes the orientation programs for full time and part time faculty regularly, three times a year. It also facilitates training in Moodle and hopes to train Teaching Assistants to run labs and tutorials as well.


CETL’s main goal is to design and develop workshops and seminars to expose faculty and staff to the best practices in the areas of:

 Teaching and learning

  • Foundational teaching skills
  • Self-assessment techniques
  • Assessing student learning and grading
  • Interactive and engaging classrooms

Curriculum Design

  • Link teaching objectives to course design, assessment methods and teaching practices
  • Develop or revise curriculum/ minors
  • Guide departments and centers in strategic planning


CETL will plan and organize regular seminars at least once a term on various topics of interest such as:

  • Liberal arts education
  • Active learning
  • Student advising
  • Academic writing

The purpose of these seminars is to encourage faculty to present and publish their conference proceedings and increase their chances of networking.

Brown Bag Seminar Series

Informal in nature, these free, bring-your-own-lunch sessions foster campus conversations on cross disciplinary research.  It is also an opportunity to invite scholars, researchers and practitioners to ULAB as a way to showcase their work and plan ways to collaborate.


CETL plans to design certification programs in teaching and leadership that would become an essential part of ULAB’s professional development standards. CETL would bring in the expertise needed to create the core competencies required by UGC to standardize its employee appraisal system. These certifications, duly recognized by validating bodies, will set the stage for future diploma programs in Higher Education.